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Brad, the expert behind Brad Bashes Code, provides a variety of third-party code review services for your development team. Code review is a key process that enables teams to improve the quality of their code. Third party code review helps to reduce group think and crowd psychology by stimulating your team with an outside opinion.

Full Codebase Review and Feedback

Get a complete review of your codebase. Get insights into the quality of the code architecture, the overall maintainability of code, and suggestions on how to improve the design.

$0.50 / Line of Code


Pull Request Reviews

Get continuous reviews of the pull requests entering your codebase. Look to improve the readability and architecture of the code. Ensure there are adequate tests.

$0.60 / Line of Code Changed


Acquisition Audit

Before you acquire a company or its IP, get a full review of its codebase. Get an assessment of the quality and structure of the codebase to help you assess how easy it will be to take over and maintain that software before you acquire it.

$0.30 / Line of Code

Code Review

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