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Software Architecture

Brad, the expert behind Brad Bashes Code, brings his many years of expertise in engineering software to help you identify and improve architectural issues in your code base!

Architectural Decision Analysis

Do you have a difficult choice to make with regards to a complex technical decision within your software? A decision with a long list of potential costs and benefits and is not easily undone? Are you looking for a third party opinion with fresh eyes to look at the situation and provide some analysis? In the Software Architectural Decision Analysis, Brad will analyze the pros and cons of the decision facing you, providing various alternatives and analysis supporting and recommended choice of action.


Software Architecture Plan

Are you about to launch a new codebase or project, and you want to make sure that you get the software architecture right the first time? We all know that software must evolve iteratively, but that doesn't negate the value of coming up with an initial working plan for your system to evolve from. In my customized software architecture planning services, I will work with you to understand the needs of the project and the organization as a whole, and construct a software architectural design along with a thesis justifying the various design decisions.

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