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My Creations


Articulon is a simple tool I use for creating self-customizing content. By using AI, I combine both my unique human expression with personalization that tailors that content to the specific user. I use Articulon on my own blog, but if you're interested in using it as well, give me a shout.

A screenshot of Articulon, the Self-Customizing Blog Software


FlowThought is a simple tool to combine ChatGPT (LLMs more generally) with flow charts to make it easy to use AI in a professional setting. Don't get replaced with AI! Make it your employee with FlowThought!

A screenshot of FlowThought - Automated Deep Analysis


Learn about engineering and product development using artificial intelligence on my podcast, The Prompt Desk! Justin Macorin and myself discuss all topics on Language Models and Artificial Intelligence. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PocketCasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you find your podcasts today!

Logo for the Prompt Desk Podcast


Kwola is an open source tool that uses reinforcement learning to automatically learn how to use a web application and then find bugs in it, without any user input required. Let it loose and come back in 72 hours for your list of bugs!

Graphs and heatmaps derived from Kwola

Swiftly AI

Swiftly AI was an attempt to create a tool that could automate the complicated process of valuing commercial real estate. Swiftly AI took a new approach - instead of developing a model to predict valuations directly (which has been tried before and failed), instead Swiftly AI focused on automating the same process that human commercial appraisers followed, allowing it to produce accurate valuations even in with extreme data scarcity, along with all of the analysis and detail required by the law in its final report.

A screenshot of SwiftlyAI


Hypermax is an open source tool used to make hyperparameter optimization faster and easier. I created it to help me generate charts and graphs for algorithms I was optimizing. However, it evolved into a platform that allowed me to explore new algorithms for hyperparameter optimization, culminating in the creation of ATPE and ABH, two new techniques for bayesian optimization.

A screenshot of Hypermax in operation
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