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AI Consultilng

Brad, the AI expert behind such projects as Kwola, Electric Brain, and SwiftlyAI, and long-term AI freelancer who has built a number of AI projects for a variety of clients over the years, can help you develop a strategy on how to take advantage of and implement AI within your business.

Opportunity Identification & Strategy

Are you operating a successful business but wondering how you can take advantage of AI in your organization? Are you looking to understand how the operations and core functions of your business could be improved with various AI technologies? Take advantage of Brads AI opportunity identification service. Brad will sit down with various managers in various functions in your business, and try to understand how it is currently operating. Brad will then advise you on where the opportunities are available to adopt AI?


AI Technology Implementation

With the AI Technology Implementation service, Brad will help you evolve the operations of your organization to take advantage of AI. Whether it involves building custom technology or adopting off-the-shelf tooling, Brad will help manage the process of implementation end-to-end at your organization!

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