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Machine Learning Architecture

Brad, the AI expert behind such projects as Kwola, Electric Brain, and SwiftlyAI, and long-term AI freelancer who has built a number of AI projects for a variety of clients over the years, can help your team revamp and improve the architecture of its machine learning system.

ML Architecture Review & Suggestions

Are you finding that your ML codebase is getting tangled and difficult to maintain? Is progress on your ML technology getting slower with every passing month? Do you want to get your team back to full productivity? With this architectural review service, Brad will come in and identify problem areas in your codebase that are barriers to change and growth. Brad will then come up with an action plan full of suggestions on how to get the codebase back on track!


ML Architecture Design & Implementation

Has your ML team been building ad-hoc prototype technology, which you now want to put into a maintainable long-term form? With Brads ML Architecture Design & Implementation service, Brad will put his third-party expertise into the service of building a maintainable and scalable design for your ML system, one which can stand the test of time.

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