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Building Next Generation Technology

A portrait of the robot version of Bradley Arsenault

Hi, I'm Brad,

I build cool stuff with AI

I'm an engineer, entrepreneur, freelancer, and all-around technology enthusiast! I offer a wide range of services in software engineering and consulting. I specialize in custom AI product engineering, AI consulting, code refactoring, software architecture, and machine learning architecture. I love bringing new ideas to fruition, and pride myself on high quality work.


Code Review, Refactoring &
Architecture Improvement

Is your development team getting slower and slower with every passing month? Did your engineers inherit a legacy code base that is considered a nightmare to maintain? Do you wish to proactively get ahead of technical debt and keep your code base easy and fast to grow? Take advantage of my code review, refactoring, and software architecture consulting services!

Refactor Code

Code Refactoring

Let me help you enhance the quality and maintainability of your codebase with my code refactoring service. I will personally analyze your code, identify areas for improvement, and implement best practices to ensure your code is maintainable and your architecture easy to understand and modify. By refactoring your code, you can improve its readability, performance, and scalability.

Review Code

Code Review

Ensure the quality and reliability of your code with our code review and analysis service. I will thoroughly review your code, identify potential issues, and provide actionable feedback to enhance your codebase. With my code review service, you can identify and fix bugs, improve code efficiency, and ensure adherence to coding standards.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture Advisor

Optimize your software architecture with my comprehensive software architecture review service. I will assess your current architecture, identify potential areas for improvement, and propose solutions to enhance maintainability. By leveraging my software architecture review service, you can ensure that your software is built on a solid foundation.


Artificial Intelligence

Harness my passion for artificial intelligence at your business by hiring me to help you develop your own in-house AI technology and expertise.

Image by Arseny Togulev

AI Product Development

With AI Product Development, I assist in custom building new products infused with AI capabilities. I don't do AI research, instead, I help you to apply proven AI technologies to new domains and product areas. I can either work to lead a dev team that you provide or we recruit, or do a custom implementation myself.

Image by Tool., Inc

AI Consulting

AI Consulting is all about helping you unlock the potential of AI in your business. I provide strategic guidance and management consulting to help you identify opportunities for AI integration, develop AI-driven business models, and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Image by Viktor Forgacs

Machine Learning Architecture

Software architecture for machine learning comes with its own unique set of characteristics and challenges. With this service, I will bring in my expertise to help you design and architect an AI system for long term maintainability and ease of change a and improvement over time.



Kwola: An open source reinforcement learning based system for AI driven frontend bug hunting.

Visual heatmaps and graphs derived from Kwola, showing what it has learned


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